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Our culinary team consists of a bunch of people from all walks of life, with one singular passion: Indonesian food.  To make it, to talk about it, and to share it when eating. This year, we want to share our many dishes with you at Frankfurt Book Fair. With our diverse backgrounds, come unique qualities but with a common hard work ethic. We have combined these to showcase a series of unique events, exquisite culinary experiences, and authentic foods for a successful introduction of Indonesia’s diverse cuisine to Germany.


Kestity Pringgoharjono

Chief Program Officer
Culinary, Youth, and Student Programs

Over the past 15 years Kesty­ has combined career and expatriate life, and in the process indulged in her love for culture and food. Living across the globe Kesty has taken the opportunity to introduce a new audience to the magic of Indonesian cuisine. Since her first culinary exhibition in 2008, as part of London’s Asia House’s “Indonesia Inspired” program, Kesty has continuously worked to support the popularization of Indonesian cuisine and culture internationally. A financial professional in her early career she was most recently Executive Director of Lontar Foundation, an Indonesian publishing house, and is currently on the National Committee for Indonesia’s Guest of Honour status at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair.

Erna Setyowati

Program Assistant

Erna has been based in Jakarta for the last five years where she has been key in backstage work on many culinary projects in Indonesia and abroad. Erna’s talent is to bring different stakeholders, ranging from entrepreneur, government representatives and of course, culinary experts, together for the success of for culinary projects. An accountant by profession, Erna brings to the team a discipline for detail crucial for our Frankfurt Book Fair project. She is indulging in her passion for food with her role in bringing Indonesian food to this year’s fair.


Ninda Daianti

Program Assistant

Ninda’s introduction to the culinary industry came whilst studying in the U.S. for both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Creative Writing. In addition of being a university lecturer, Ninda is a freelance writer and editor for a number of media outlets. She has also in the past been chosen as 2014 emerging writers in Ubud Writers Festival, shortlisted at Film London Microschool workshop for her script, Angkot.  She is also active participant in a range of diverse events. Her discovery of all things food combined with her creative spirit and communication skills adds a certain flavour to the whole culinary team.


Leon Joskowitz

Culinary Program Project Manager

Leon Joskowitz is a culinary entrepreneur from Frankfurt, Germany. He runs his own catering company and creates lots of different culinary events, products, festivals and ideas. His Leon Joskowitz Catering: www.leonjoskowitz.com is acclaimed as the best culinary products through craft mastery, a passion for good taste and the love of creating a unforgettable atmosphere. Leon started exploring Indonesian food in 2014 and spent some times doing culinary research in Indonesia.

Roland Burger

Food Explorer Program Manager

Roland Burger is a researcher at Stockholm University. His Economics and Technology background has enabled him to pursue his passion for learning and education by creating new ideas with ELIG, European learning Industry Group. In 2012, ELIG started their partnership with the Frankfurt Bookfair in developing Classroom of the Future, a special area in the fair dedicated to future learning using technology innovation. In 2014 Roland and his team set up the Food Explorer program within the Classroom of the Future, which allows students to become world’s explorer through food and cooking. Roland is managing this year’s Food Explorer program with focus on Indonesia, with German and Indonesian master chefs.

Kefas Sendy Wong

Principal Photographer

As Spice it Up! Indonesia’s principal photographer, Sendy is behind many food photographs that make you drool. Sendy is a Creative Director at Jakarta based lifestyle magazine, Flink. He graduated from Jakarta Institute of Arts where he also teaches Photography specializing many genres. Sendy’s fascination with food lead him to start a career in food and lifestyle photography 15 years ago, where he started working with restaurants. This opened the door for him to work with Indonesia’s famous chefs and cookbook authors for their books and documentary projects. In 2012 Sendy was a team member of Indonesia’s food diplomacy projects to the Netherlands, Germany and Italy. Sendy will also play a part in the Classroom of the Future program at 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair.

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Islands of Imagination

Visit the official website of Frankfurt Book Fair 2015 to learn more about Indonesia as the Guest of Honor country. As Indonesia is celebrating its 70th year of independence. Discover our writers, books, and topics surrounding our 17,000 islands.


We would like to thank our partners who have given us enormous support in one way or another. We are lucky to have them smoothen and optimise the long road to the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Spice It Up! Indonesia is a program which mission is to promote Indonesian cuisine on a global level. This started as part of Indonesia’s role as 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair’s Guest of Honour Country, with main support from the Ministry of Education and Culture, Republic of Indonesia.

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