Kaki Lima

Literally translated to five legsKaki Lima is the mobile cart synonymous with the street food culture in Indonesia. As part of the 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair and in collaboration with the City of Frankfurt, we will bring Indonesia's famous street food culture to the streets of Frankfurt. From 14-17 October between 18:00-22:00 at the historical Römerberg district of the city, you can look out for Spice it Up! Kaki Lima serving Indonesia's iconic foods, such as Nasi Goreng and arrays of Saté with its condiments.

Indonesian street food just would not be complete without the street entertainments. We will showcase collaborations by authors and performers for your viewing pleasures.  Each event in the series will last 30 minutes and involve readings by Indonesian and German authors.  Indonesian street food is loud, full of laughter, and most of all, filled with people.

Enjoy both the food and the performance. Stay tuned for a complete performance schedule soon!